Brian Howell, Oudist

Brian Howell, Oudist


Upcoming Appearances

Feb. 23rd, 7:00 p.m. at Prospero's Books
210 N. Washington Avenue in Marshall, Texas
for An Evening of Near Eastern Music

I'll be in Marshall at Prospero's Books on Tuesday, February 23rd, at 7:00 p.m., where I'll be giving a talk on the history of Near Eastern Music, and performing live on the oud.

This event is FREE to the public. Prospero's Books is located in downtown Marshall, Texas, in the historic Washington Square District, at 210 N. Washington Avenue.


About the OUD

The oud (pronounciation rhymes with "wood") is an ancient stringed instrument of Arabian and Turkish origins, which is the ancestor of the lute.



Strongly drawn to my Spanish Gypsy heritage, I grew up listening to Flamenco music, and have studied and played it myself since I was a young teenager. Somewhere along the way I discovered Celtic music, and played in a couple of Celtic bands. I've always enjoyed learning about music, language, history and culture from all over the world, which is how I discovered my passion for ancient Eastern music and the oud.

I also play acoustic and classical guitar, bouzouki, balailaika, mandolin, banjo, saz, cümbüş, bass guitar, clarinet, and an assortment of folk drums and other instruments.


Contact Me

I am available for presentations and live performances, and I'm always interested in hearing from people who are as passionate about ancient world music as I am. Email me here.

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